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In the early 1990's, New York cabaret club owners  started "March Is Cabaret Month" (MICM) to encourage club attendance during the winter months.  Back then, MICM  opened with a GALA by Backstage Bistro Awards and ended with the Manhattan Association of Cabarets (MAC) Awards. By the mid 2000's due to changing times, the cabaret scene seems to have disappeared plus the promotion of MICM lost steam when both the Bistro Awards and the MAC Awards began to produce their respective shows later: Bistro Awards in April, and the MAC Awards in May.  However in 2008, the New York cabaret world rekindled "March Is Cabaret Month" thanks to StuHamstra of Cabaret Hotline Online. On-the-ball cities across the U.S.A. followed suit, including Seattle, whose first March Is Cabaret Month Festival was held that same year.

Presented by Arnaldo!, the Seattle festival debuted in 2008 at Julia's On Broadway. In 2011, the Seattle festival expanded into its current venue at Egan's Ballard Jam House, where it continues to run every weekend in March, featuring an exhilarating variety of West Coast performers and sponsored by local arts patrons Brian Silkworth & Bill Colter.  

Seattle's March Is Cabaret Month Festival is produced by the Pacific Northwest Cabaret Association (PNWCA). PNWCA is a coalition of performers and producers who seek to preserve the Great American songbook and to promote the cabaret performers and cabaret venues of the Pacific Northwest by cultivating an appreciation of cabaret and expanding its audience. PNWCA was founded in 2006 by Arnaldo!, who credits the inspiration to his 2005 attendance at The International Cabaret Workshop & Conference at Yale University, where he met then artistic director Erv Raible and came under Raible's mentorship.

[ˌkabəˈrā, ˈkabəˌrā]
entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eats or drinks at tables:
"she was seen recently in cabaret" ·

"a cabaret act"
synonyms: entertainment · show · floor show · performance

a nightclub or restaurant where entertainment is performed.
synonyms: nightclub · dinner theater · club · boîte · cafe · nightspot ·


mid 17th cent. (denoting a French inn): from Old French, literally ‘wooden structure,’ via Middle Dutch from Old Picard camberet ‘little room.’ Current senses date from the early 20th cent.

source :BING